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y philosophy of teaching music is broad and flexible. Every student is a different individual and learns in different ways. I try to make lessons as interesting and as useful to each student as I can, and include different things based on your interests and capabilities. Most students find duets are fun, so I include them often - both duets with the same instrument you are studying and duets with other instruments as well so you can learn the sound of such combinations. I encourage you to "play with your ears" as well as your fingers, to become a critical listener to your own performance and to decide whether you sound the way you want to sound.

sing different styles, even different instruments, I encourage students to try out new things to become more rounded musicians. This might be something closely related - a flutist trying the piccolo or a clarinetist trying the bass clarinet. Or, it might be further afield - a flutist trying the guitar or a violinist learning movable Do and solfeggio singing. Every aspect of music is good to know.

tarting in second grade when my Grandpa brought home a little violin one day, I've been playing and loving music for well more than half a century now. I was fortunate to take lessons for more than ten years with Carita Page, a teacher who was very warm, encouraging, and caring. I do my best to pass that on to my students in addition to the technique of playing and the theory of music, fascinating as those are.

  feel that playing in groups is very valuable experience for students and gives you a side of music that private lessons alone do not. I encourage students to look for opportunities to do that. To help provide those opportunities I organized the Cranbury Scout Band, one of very few continuously-operating Scout bands in the country, which I have directed for more that ten years now. I've also been on the staff of several Jamboree Scout bands.

ome into my music studio for a moment. It's a rich musical environment. My studio is in a separate building - actually a renovated barn about two centuries old. The studio contains a piano and all the other instruments that I teach, and is roomy enough not only for private lessons but for musical groups up to about ten. I have many other resources there as well, including many files of music, a small music library, and a computer that we can use for many musical purposes.
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